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上海时时乐开奖结果走势图连线:WAI-Core Project 2015-2020


Web Accessibility Initiative - Core (WAI-Core)
Sponsor: National Institute on Disability, Independent Living, and Rehabilitation Research (NIDILLR), US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS)

About WAI-Core

The WAI-Core Project, funded by NIDILRR at the US HHS, provides support for accessibility work at W3C WAI to:

Task 1:

Task 2:

Task 3:

How To Participate

WAI-Core work is developed through W3C/WAI Working Groups. Working Groups that are currently relevant to WAI-Core work, and links to information on participation, include:?

In addition to participation opportunities, everyone is welcome to review drafts. Draft in progress are highlighted on the WAI home page. To get notifications of drafts for review, see Getting WAI Announcements for links to WAI tweets, RSS feed, and WAI Interest Group (WAI IG) emails.

For more information on the WAI-Core Project and other WAI work, see Getting Involved with WAI and Participating in WAI. If you have any questions, contact Judy Brewer.

Project Staff

The following W3C staff are supported in part by WAI-Core funds:?

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